AI and Data Science

Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, and Data Science as DS, has become the two most important sought after technologies in today’s time. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect and preserve any data that is being generated. This is why analytics is in the frontier of IT and has become crucial today as it aids in improving business, decision making and providing the biggest edge over the competitors. Building human-level thought processes through the creation of artificial intelligence (AI) is the state-of-the-art in Computer Science. Intelligent machines are influenced by emerging technologies, smart devices and sensors, computing power, faster data processing, huge storage and human-machine interaction capabilities.

With artificial intelligence and analytics being the talk of the hour, there cannot be a better time to get started with these technologies. The COVID19 pandemic outbreak has further increased the demand for data scientists thus learning data science skills, in the current situation, can present high employment chances.

Till now, the field of data science and AI has been a preferred choice for postgraduate programs; however, the increasing demand for data professionals is making it imperative for students to start early. And that’s where an undergraduate AI and data science course can help.

Having a bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence and data science can not only open up opportunities to exciting career paths but will also enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving abilities at a very early stage. This specialization further offers the perfect chance for students to build a career in the most demanding profession of the world. This new branch, B.E. in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science of VESIT aims to create a new batch of graduate students that will be equipped to handle such exciting and demanding field such as healthcare, finance, banking and so on.

The program will stress on all the fundamental core subjects of a computer science, Information Technology degree like Basic Programming, data structures and algorithms, software engineering, operating systems etc.

In addition, several other courses of particular importance to the field of AI and Data Science are Programming languages like R, Python, Frameworks like Microsoft Azure, Keras, Tensorflow, etc., Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Techniques, Neural Networks, Deep Learning, Reinforcement Learning, Data Visualization and Presentation, Information Retrieval and Text Analytics, Social Network Analysis, Real Time Data Streaming, Data and Information Security, Natural Language Processing, Text Analytics, Big Data Management and Analytics, Bayesian Data Analysis, Cloud Technologies, Internet of Things, Statistical Learning.

The type of jobs a student graduating in this field can hope to land are too numerous. Few are listed as below:

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