Placement Procedure


  1. Each student will be eligible for Two Jobs; One non-Dream Job and one Dream Job. With reference to core companies (ETRX / INST / EXTC) it is one student, one job policy. If the company insists that the students should not be allowed for second offer, the selected students will be out of placements and should give the same in writing prior to appearing for the process.
  2. Students who are interested in pursuing post graduate studies during the academic year 2020¬2021 or wish to apply to companies directly through advertisements / online process or through parent quota will have to submit the same as a declaration in writing. The list will be made transparent to the companies if they demand so
  3. Students who are placed in core / Dream companies should not apply for further studies or to companies directly through the parent quota. If found doing so the student will have to get a no objection certificate from the company and pay the amount equivalent to three months (3 Months) expected salary or Rs. Three lakhs (Rs3,00,000) whichever is lower in order to get clearance. (penalty / clearance fees / donation / contribution)
  4. The name of the student should appear on the selected list of the second company irrespective of the order in which the process takes place. On getting the second offer, the first offer stands cancelled and the first offer letter is to be returned
  5. Students must update their resume as and when applicable. Incomplete resume will not be forwarded. All information given in the resume should be correct. The college will not be responsible for any errors. Students are responsible to ensure that the database given to college is correct and updated when applicable through coordinators and Placement In-charges
  6. Only those students who satisfy the cut-off criteria and are interested should appear for the campus placement
  7. All eligible and interested students have to register their names for every company before the deadline. Once having registered the students have to attend the pre-placement talk (PPT). After deciding to sit for the aptitude test, students cannot back out of the selection procedure. If they back out after registration then they will not be allowed to appear for next three companies. All coordinators and students involved in the placement process have to strictly follow the timings and formal dress code
  8. Students are requested to see the notice boards and the mails on respective e-groups. The responsibility of placement coordinators will be only restricted to giving messages in classroom and on e-group.
  9. Students should be either in the classroom / labs or in the selection process while in college on the day of recruitment process.
  10. Only the placement coordinators are allowed to interact with the company representatives on the day of placement. Students are not allowed to meet the company representatives without the permission of the placement officer.
  11. The students should ensure at least 75% attendance in all subjects. (Class missed for Campus Placements will be marked as absent).
  12. If a student's name appears in the critical defaulters list, then the company in which the student is placed will be informed accordingly to reconsider the offer and the student will be blacklisted from further Placement Procedure.


  1. Students who do not follow the above rules will be blacklisted from the placement procedure. Any other case will be treated as special case and the placement cell will take the necessary action.
  2. All decisions of the placement officer will be final and binding on all.

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