About Us

Vivekanand Education Society was founded in 1959 by Shri. Hashu Advani, along with ten other members, who shared the dream of providing qualitative education to the youth of our country. In the beginning, Vivekanand Education Society had a very modest launch, with just 256 students and six classrooms, in the humble barracks of Chembur Camp. But today, it proudly boast of having 3, 75, 000 sq. ft. land, housing 12 buildings and 28 Institutions, ranging from a crèche to Ph.D. Centers. It has over 2000 teaching and non-teaching staff, and more than 18,000 students who pass through its hallowed portals each year.

Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology (VESIT) was established in 1984, with the aim of providing professional education in the field of Engineering. This institute is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and follows the rules and regulations laid down by government, AICTE, and University for admission; 51% reserved for Sindhi Linguistic minority and 49% through CAP test. The management quota has been surrendered to DTE to make admission centralized. The institute has a total of 189 faculties, of which 21 are Ph.D. holders and 29 faculty members are pursuing their Ph.D.

V.E.S.I.T, as on 2017, has been imparting quality education in the field of technology for the last thirty-three years, and is deemed to be one of the most preferred engineering colleges in Mumbai. Students come here to discover an opportunity to explore, to question, to collaborate and improve upon themselves. The high quality of education imparted through various processes of innovative teaching techniques like Process Oriented Guided Inquiry Learning, Peer learning, Flipped Class room and Google class room concept enable the young minds to come together and challenge themselves. The institute postulates on quality education which includes programs like Looking beyond the Syllabus, Skill Enhancement Lectures, Professional Competency Enhancement Programs and so on. In order to meet the increasing demand for a variety of courses, VESIT is perpetually in the process of developing and augmenting its infrastructure and facilities; at the same time upgrading and enhancing its technology. It aims to continuously provide a challenging and vibrant educational atmosphere for its students.

  • To create a vibrant knowledge-oriented environment with innovative teaching practices and to inculcate tradition of socially conscious application of technology.
  • To inculcate culture of value based education.
  • To enthuse students to develop in an ambient environment of caring and of sharing information.
  • To enable students to work towards excellence in their chosen fields with professional bent of mind.

Faculty Co-ordinators



Mrs. Priya R L

Assistant Professor & Technical Incharge

Mrs. Pooja Shetty

Assistant Professor & Technical Coordinator

Mr. Sunny Nahar

Assistant Professor & Technical Coordinator

Student Co-ordinators

2020-21 Team



Team Leader

Pooja Prasad (IT)

Team Member

Fayzaan Qureshi (IT)

Rohan Pol (IT)

Team Member

Rohit Gawade (TY MCA Afternoon)

Kartik Sujit (TY MCA Morning)

Graphic Designers



2019-20 Team



Team Leader

Mohit Thorat (CMPN)

Srivatsan Iyengar (CMPN)

Anish Vaidya (CMPN)

Team Member

Vinit Motwani (CMPN)

Shravan Bhat (CMPN)

Chetas Shinde (CMPN)

Team Member

Krishvenkatteshwaran Mahadevan (CMPN)

Pratik Rane (CMPN)

Team Leader

Jaspreet Kaur (MCA)

Team Member

Jay Bendre (INFT)

Mahesh Keswani (INFT)

Abhishek Shukla (MCA)

Team Member

Rahul Kanwal (INFT)

Disha Khatri (MCA)

NEW AI and Data Science :Artificial Intelligence, known as AI, and Data Science as DS, has become the two most important sought after technologies in today’s time. Artificial Intelligence and Data Science is everywhere and there is almost an urgent need to collect and preserve any data that is being generated. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) program affiliated to Mumbai University.

Electronics Engineering: The field related to the study of electronic devices and circuits their and their applications to solve real life problems effectively and efficiently. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) program affiliated to Mumbai University.

Computer Engineering: The department is committed towards imparting quality education and developing future technocrats in the stream of computers. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) program affiliated to Mumbai University.

Instrumentation Engineering: Field of Instrumentation is a rapidly expanding its boundaries to cater to the demanding applications. The scope of instrumentation has been further advanced by recent developments in field of MEMS and nanotechnology. The Department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) programs affiliated to Mumbai University.

Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering: The field is related to the application of electronics in the area to telecommunications. It aims to improve the overall efficiency at the same time reduce the cost associated with communication. The Department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) programs affiliated to Mumbai University.

Information Technology: With fast changing technology certain changes are essential. Considering these aspects, the Department of Information Technology aims at training the students to adapt themselves to the fast changing technology. The department offers Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) and Master of Engineering (M.E.) programs affiliated to Mumbai University.

Masters in Computer Application: It is Three year Post-Graduate programme which focuses on advanced front line technology in the domain of Computer Application along with the required professional skill. MCA program is affiliated to the University of Mumbai.

V. E. S. Institute of Technology is also a recognized Ph.D. Centre to the University of Mumbai for faculty of Technology in Electronics Engineering.

The Centre of Excellence labs like Labview Academy of National Instruments, Big data Analytics lab with Cloudera, VLSI lab with Cadence, Wireless lab with D Link provides opportunity for students to learn upcoming technologies. Lecture series by industry experts from Accenture Career Day, L&T, Day Technological, etc. enhances industry-institute interaction. CII-Tech connect (Industry Institute Interaction program) conducted by Emerson Network Power and Confederation of Indian Industries in association with International Society of Automation, Maharashtra State Chapter give students an idea of the skills required to survive and excel in competitive environment with the help of technical lectures and management games.  The Research & Development culture that prevails in this college has helped the students bag seven hardware R & D projects from Larsen & Toubro, one project with Kotak Mahindra, three projects from IIT Mumbai and two minor research grants from Mumbai University.