Induction Program

Universal Human Values

As per the New FE syllabus 2019-20, the main emphasis was on Universal Human Values as without ethics and values no matter who you are the chances of real success in life are meagre. It is often observed that nowadays people are forgetting their basic values so to inculcate and reinforce these human values various mind boggling lectures were conducted.

FE Induction Phase II (6 August 2019 to 10 August 2019)

The second phase of FE Induction Program is conducted for all the students which includes Orientation of students and parents by H.O.D. Mr. Vivek Umrikar along with the familiarization of their respective branches Presentations, Universal Human Values (UHV), Yoga sessions, Proficiency Modules on basic subjects, Creative arts and Motivational Lecture sessions and ended with Diagnostic Test for eligible students only.

A Proper Timetable was made for smooth conduction of these activities:

FE Induction Phase III (Along with academic schedule)

As per the New FE syllabus 2019-20, the phase III of Induction Program continued throughout the semester with specific lectures and activities along with their regular academic schedule. To facilitate the development of a holistic perspective among students towards life and profession as well as towards happiness and prosperity based on a correct understanding of the Human reality and the rest of Existence and also to highlight possible implications of such a holistic understanding in terms of ethical human conduct, trust and mutually fulfilling human behavior and mutually enriching interaction with nature an encouraging and qualitative sessions on Universal Human Values (UHV) are arranged throughout the semester to provide a much needed orientation input in value education to the young enquiring minds.

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