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Looking Beyond Syllabus (LBS): 2020-21

Looking Beyond Syllabus (LBS): 2019-20


Looking Beyond Syllabus (LBS) was started with the simple objective of encouraging students to work upon and exhibit various innovative theme-based projects on emerging technologies. Participants also get to interact with students of various branches and engage in intellectual conversations with the Faculty members, who act as mentors and enhance team-building ability while developing a competitive environment.

LBS championship 2018-19 was a big hit amongst the students. The competition is open for second year and third year students who are interested in exploring and understanding technology. 

Innovative minds come up with interesting project proposals based on the proposed theme. These projects can be developed either for the benefit of society or for an individual. This year's competition, in collaboration with Institutions Innovation Cell (IIC), started by sending an email on 30th January 2020 to the eligible students and inviting them for a session to brief about the competition. Online registration for the project proposal was open for students from 3rd February 2020 to 8th February 2020. The online mentor registration form was also open on the same dates where interested faculty could apply for the projects according to their area of interest. Twenty-four faculty from various departments registered for LBS and their allocation to the selected teams was done on 27th February 2020. The first round, that is the first review presentation of the project, was held on 11th March 2020 in Lab 402 from 12:30 pm onwards. The final round was scheduled for 20th March 2020 but could not be conducted due to a nationwide lockdown in the country from 17th March 2020. As the old saying goes, “Where there is a will, there is a way”, it was decided that the projects would be showcased as an e-exhibition on the 15th and 16th of July 2020. This decision was met with great responses from faculty and students alike.


The following teams participated in e-Exhibition: -


  1. Project Title: Cisco Wireless Access + IoT Access and App Hosting

Mentor : Dr. Ramesh Solanki (MCA)

Team Members : Vaibhavsingh Rajput (D19A), Raghav Potdar (D17B), Kalpesh Bhole (D17B), Rahul Sohandani (D17B), Mitali Jadhav (D19A) and Ankita Singh (D19A).


  1. Project Title : IoT Platform for Heterogeneous Applications With Wireless Access

Mentor : Mrs. Ruchi Rautela (MCA)

Team Members : All from D19B (pass-out) : Sunit Raut, Shubham Annigeri, Shubham Madhavi, Shreyas Padate, Sonali Dulange and Samruddhi Patil


  1. Project Title : Student Grievance Redressal System

Mentor : Mr. Prashant Vilas Kanade (CMPN)

Team Members : All from MCA 3B : Nabil Kazi, Aakash Manoj Gupta, Brijesh Subas Vishwakarma, Heramb Shankar Patil and Mohammad Nafis Khan


  1. Project Title : Public Toilet Health Check

Mentor : Ms. Anushree Prabhu (ETRX)

Team Members : All from D16B : Shrikrishna Pai, Kalyani Ingole, Atharva Ghodegaonkar and Sakthivel Selvaraj Nadar


  1. Project Title : Automatic Number Plate Recognition System

Mentor : Mrs. Arti Sawant (EXTC)

Team Members : All from D12B : Jay Jhaveri, Abhay Gupta, Prem Chhabria, Sahil Lotya, Rahul Koli and Prasad Govekar


  1. Project Title : Sentiment Analysis from Text Feedback.

Mentor : Mrs. Manisha Joshi (EXTC)

Team Members : All from D20 : Yash Gurnani, Kartik Chindarkar, Nikhil Gaikwad, Prajakta Gole, Deepak Mulwani and Himanshu Pingulkar


The e-exhibition took place on YouTube on the 15th and 16th of July 2020. Out of the six projects, three projects were declared as winners. They were judged based on the feedback given by the judges and the number of likes that each project gets. 70% of judges' feedback + 30% of the number of likes obtained by each project made the total score. 

The results of LBS championship were as follows:-

First Rank : LBS GR-3: Student Grievance Redressal System

Mentor : Mr. Prashant Kanade (CMPN)

Team leader : Nabil Kazi


Second Rank : LBS-GR-1: Cisco Wireless Access + IoT Access and App Hosting

Mentor: Dr. Ramesh Solanki (MCA)

Team leader: Vaibhavsingh Rajput (D19A)


Third Rank : LBS : GR-6: Sentiment Analysis from Text Feedback

Mentor : Mrs. Manisha Joshi (EXTC)

Team leader : Yash Gurnani (D20)

The LBS in-charge for this year was Dr. (Mrs.) T. Rajani Mangala, Professor, (ETRX)

LBS 19-20 coordinators are: 

Mrs. Gauri Sahoo, Assistant Professor, (ETRX)

Mrs. Priya R. L., Assistant Professor, (CMPN)

Mrs. Kadambari Sharma, Assistant Professor, (INST)

Mrs. Anuradha Jadiya, Assistant Professor, (EXTC)

Mrs. Jayashree Hajgude, Assistant Professor, (IT)

Mrs. Ruchi Rautela, Assistant Professor, (MCA)

LBS   Championship 2018-19”  Report


LBS is an annual event in our Institution which was the idea of our Principal madam where different student groups come up with their ideas and make a project.

This year we have made this event a college level competition by having a theme and renamed it as LBS Championship 2018-19.

We have invited entries from our II and III year students of BE and I and II year MCA students for LBS CHAMPIONSHIP 2018-19 where they were asked to propose a solution in the form of an App or a product benefiting the Society.  Also, we asked the interested faculty members to register as mentors.

We got about 55 registrations from the student groups and 38 mentor registrations for the first round.

This competition has three rounds of elimination:

I round of elimination:  LBS championship 2018-19 Round I was conducted on 10th October 2018 between 1 pm and 3 pm in room numbers 523 and 524.  The student teams presented their problem statements   in three minutes time and two minutes were assigned for the Q&A session. The senior faculty members judged the projects based on the novelty of the ideas proposed and feasibility and 38 groups were selected for the next round.

II  round of elimination – LBS championship 2018-19 Round II was held on  2nd February 2019 by our experienced alumni. The projects were judged based on about 70 -80% completion of the project and innovative ideas. In this  37 teams participated and 11 were selected for the III round.

III round of elimination and the finals –  LBS championship 2018-19 Round III was held on 2nd March 2019 and the judges were from the Industry.  We had a panel of 6 judges and criteria for judgment was conversion of this prototype in to a final product. 

 Quantiphi sponsored our prizes - I prize- Rs.10000, II prize - Rs. 7000 and III prize - Rs. 3000. 

The prizes distribution ceremony would be held on 20th March 2019, Technology day.

The following teams won the LBS Championship 2018-19-





Project Leader




Air Pollution Sensing using Wireless Sensor Networks

Sunit Raut - TE - EXTC  

Shubham Annigeri -TE - EXTC Shubham Madhavi - TE- EXTC Shreyas Padate -TE- EXTC

Mr. AjinkyaValanjoo EXTC



Water E-Governance

Paarth Nilesh Arkadi SE -ETRX

Ankit Deopurkar- SE-ETRX

Megha Sahu -SE- INFT

Juyee Sabade - SE -INFT

Dr. Shiv Kumar Goel -MCA



Prosthetic Leg

Siddhant Satam  SE- EXTC Abhishek Desale SE -EXTC

 Sai Rane  SE- EXTC

 Phalguni Shendye SE- EXTC

Mr. Abhishek Chaudhari -ETRX



Smart parking system

Aaryaa Padhyegurjar SE- ETRX 

Nikita Patel SE- ETRX

Vaidehi Phaltankar  SE- ETRX 

Sayli Sawant SE- ETRX

Mrs. Nusrat Ansari-EXTC

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