Looking Beyond Syllabus

LBS is an annual event in VESIT where different student groups come up with their innovative ideas and make projects benefiting the society. LBS activity is strategically designed in terms of planning, implementation and continuous improvement. The aim is to expose the students to emerging technologies and opportunities to work as teams on multidisciplinary projects under the mentorship of a faculty member assigned to them.


LBS Incharge

Name of the member Position Department
Dr. T. Rajani Mangala Professor ETRX

Departmental LBS Incharges

Name of the member Position Department
Mrs. Gauri Sahoo Assistant ProfessorETRX
Mrs. Priya R. L Assistant ProfessorCMPN
Mrs. Kadambari Sharma Assistant ProfessorINST
Mrs. Anuradha Jadiya Assistant ProfessorEXTC
Mrs. Jayashree Hajgude Assistant ProfessorINFT
Mrs. Ruchi Rautela Assistant ProfessorMCA