VESIT Renaissance Cell (VRC)


  • VESIT RENAISSANCE CELL also known as VRC was established in the year of 2015-16. VRC is the brain child of our Principal Dr. J.M. Nair. She came up with an idea of having "young leaders" as an intermediate layer of workforce. She picked up few members from all departments. We are team of eleven members. To full fill objectives of VRC different activities where started. Project based learning and skill development activities give real growth to our goals.


  • Suggest and Implement Innovative schemes to afflux VESIT for achieving academic excellence.


  • To Enhance VESIT goodwill
  • To Enhance skills
  • To create knowledge sharing facilities
  • To promote Innovation
  • To increase use of Technology in Teaching learning process

VRC Staff In charges:

  • Dr. Anjali Yeole (CMPN, VESIT)
  • Mrs. Abha Tewari (CMPN, VESIT)
  • Mr. Amit Singh (INFT, VESIT)
  • Mr. Mrugendra Vasmatkar (EXTC, VESIT)
  • Mrs. Monali Chaudhari (EXTC, VESIT)
  • Mr. Abhishek Chaudhari (ETRX, VESIT)
  • Mr. Abhijet Shete(ETRX, VESIT)
  • Mrs. Rohini Temkar (MCA, VESIT)
  • Mrs. Indira Bhattacharya (MCA, VESIT)
  • Mrs. Amudha Senthilkumar (INST, VESIT)
  • Dr. Keya Doshi (H&AS, VESIT)
  • VRC - incharges

Activities Conducted:

  • Internships

    VRC in association with IIC has organized online summer internship nearly 136 students participated in it with nearly 12 projected guided by 10 faculty members. Mentoring sessions from for Internships Our College has partnered with an Initiative by few IIT Bombay Alumni powered by for mentoring about the Job / Internships market scenario after COVID. This event is organised for you by VESIT RENAISSANCE CELL in association with IIC along with VESIT-IQAC. The mentors are top-notch alumni placed in the best companies like Apple Inc, Mckinsey & Co (Boston), PWC ( US Office ), Master card.

    Schedule for Mentorship session on the app: Date and timings Topic Speaker name Role,Company
    1 6 pm to 6:45 pm 28th may 2020 Will you get job after lockdown Ravi Kaushik COO, (IIT Bombay Startup)
    2 6 pm to 6:45 pm 31st may 2020 software engg: how to start your career in programming and roadmap to land in a company like apple others: basic required in all domains Abhijeet dubey Software engineer,Apple
    3 6 pm to 6:45 pm 3rd june 2020 Tell your story with Resume Ankit Kumar Analyst, Master card
    4 6 pm to 6:45 pm 6th june 2020 Finance, analytics and consulting as a career option and How to crack worlds best company like Mckinsey and Co Siddharth Babbar Risk consultant McKinsey & Co
    5 6 pm to 6:45 pm 7th june 2020 Art of storytelling in video interviews Urvashi Chawla Career coach and soft skills trainer, Personal excellency

    Total number of students attended event

    2nd NA NA NA NA NA 32
    3rd 10 37 16 32 8 10
    4th 5 25 2 16 9
    ME 1 7
    Total 15 62 18 49 24 42 210
    Summer Internship

    Duration:6-06-2019 to 12-07-2019
    No of Students : 118
    No of Mentors : 11
    No of Projects : 13

    Winter Internship

    Duration:27-12-2019 to 2-01-2020
    No of Students : 117
    No of Mentors : 13
    No of Projects : 18

  • ISTE approved STTP for faculty members on “Progressive Web App Development and Block-chaining”

    VESIT Renaissance Cell organized ISTE approved one week STTP on “Web App Development & Blockchain” from 1st July to 6th July 2019.
    Duration: 1st July to 6th July 2019.
    Total no of faculty members(attended) :28 (from all departments)
    Dr. M Vijayalakshmi, Vice Principal
    Dr. Anjali Shrikant Yeole, CMPN
    Mrs. Rohini Temkar, MCA

  • ATS Microsoft certification courses for students on IoT and Cross Platform Mobile app development

    VESIT Renaissance Cell organized Organized ATS Microsoft certification courses for students on IoT and Cross Platform Mobile app development
    Total Batches: (2- Batches IoT , 1 Batch -cross platform)
    IOT Batch 1 :
    Total Students 45
    Timing : 8:30 AM To 12:30 PM
    IOT Batch 2:
    Total Students 44
    Timing : 1:30 PM To 5:30 PM
    Trainer Name : Mr. Nikhil Kuriaksoe
    Dates : 1st July To 7th July 2019
    CPMA: Total Students 61
    Date: 1st July To 4th July 2019
    Timing: 9:30 AM To 5:00 PM
    Trainer Name: Mr. Lavish Arora

  • Praxis 2019

    VESIT Renaissance Cell (VRC) organized mega technical festival of VESIT Praxis '19. Praxis -From Theory to Practice. This year, Praxis was held on 27th and 28th September. To deliver the best we worked, with the Technical Societies within VESIT viz. IEEE-VESIT, ISTE- VESIT, CSI-VESIT and ISA-VESIT and E-cell. This time we had inter-class competition in two groups juniors group: - FE + SE and seniors group: - TE+BE+MCA. Point’s distribution was as follows
    1 point for participation
    2 points for 3rd prize
    3 points for 2nd prize
    4 points for 1st prize
    -1 points for No show (candidate registered for event and did not participate)

    Number of events conducted in Praxis'19
    Organizer Number of Events
    VRC 17
    E-cell 3
    CSI 3
    IEEE 4
    ISA 3
    ISTE 3
    Total 33
    Junior Results

    Senior Results Graph-2-senior-results
    Robosoccer Event
    Robotics Event

    Event-3-robosoccer Event-2-robotics

    Event-1 Event-4-auditorium

  • Coursera for VESIT

    VESIT is offering an opportunity to do free Coursera courses. VRC got opportunity to organize the same. Three subjects per semester were selected and the respective Coursera courses have been identified by the department. Students are supposed to utilize the lockdown period to finish with these three courses. Students are not only restricted to three courses but also can join other courses of their interest only after submitting these three certificates. Students must sign up and Login in Coursera through ves email id. Semester and department wise list of the subject and link of Coursera is attached below:
    As on 4/7/2020
    Total enrolments - 5909

  • Smart India Hackathon

    Smart India Hackathon is one of the important activities of VESIT. VRC conducts a college level scrutiny round to select the worthy teams. In 2019-20 total 146 teams(112 software and 34 hardware ) applied for college level scrutiny.
    Shortlisted Teams for Internal Hackathon:
    1. 38 Software Teams
    2. 10 Hardware Teams
    Nominated Teams for SIH 2020, after Internal Hackathon:
    1. 9 Software Teams
    2. 10 Hardware Teams
    The industry experts were invited to judge the Internal Hackathon. Finally, total 9 Software teams and 6 Hardware teams were nominated for SIH 2020.
    Shortlisted Teams by SIH 2020 for Grand Finale:
    1. 4 Software Teams
    2. 1 Hardware Team

  • Shortlisted software team details
    Team name Team leader PS ID Problem statement title
    A2M Ankush shetty/ TE/ CMPN/ 8652206451 DS164 Development of App to capture the field patrolling track of frontline staff in their forest beat jurisdiction
    Brute force Gayatri Patil/ TE/ CMPN/ 9029932782 MS338 Converting handwritten documents as scanned images or photos (in any format) to legible text document using AI extracting important and critical information into database
    Spark Stevert Lobo BK226 design of alarm management and analytics
    SPARX Khushboo chandnani/ BE/ INFT/ 9511738058 DK180 job recommender system

    Shortlisted hardware team details
    Team name Team leader PS ID Problem statement Title
    ASCII_13 Shubham singh/ TE/ EXTC/ 9511804676 PN313 Tracking and control of hot metal transportation trucks
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