Language Lab

The Language Lab was set up in 2012 at VESIT to improve the communication skills of the students through the use of various innovative techniques and strategies while using the advanced software available in the lab. As Brian Tracy has rightly emphasized about the importance of communication in one’s life that “Communication is a skill that you can learn. It's like riding a bicycle or typing. If you're willing to work at it, you can rapidly improve the quality of every part of your life”. To enable the students to attain this expertise in the use of language, integrated skills of ‘listening’, ‘speaking’, ‘reading’, and ‘writing’ was strengthened and reinforced through special sessions conducted by the faculty in charges to empower the students to use it efficiently and effectively in their daily lives.

Language LAB CA3

Language Lab CA3
The sessions specially benefited students who lack competency in English language as it fostered confidence-building for interviews and intra and inter collegiate competitive events.
i Lotus
VESIT Language Laboratory has (i Lotus ) software . This program enables the students to have computer assisted teaching where they learn the language at their own pace and time. The program assists them to learn the correct pronunciation, intonation and pitch. This, in turn, definitely improves the student’s professional skills and overall persona thus endowing him with an edge over others to hold on to prime positions in this competitive world.
VESLit Circle
VESLit Circle, was established as an extension of the language lab, to give further impetus to students who have great love and interest in English language and literature. While the activities in the Lab focused on improving the communication skills of those students who required assistance at enhancing their competency in the language, VESLit Circle was formed to engage those students who wished to engage ardently in literature and language activities and competitions at both intra and inter college level.
Since its inception in 2015, every year, VESLit Circle holds its Annual Literature Fest, The VESLit Week, which marks a week-long extravaganza, that includes online events like story writing, micro-fiction, poetry competitions etc. to offline competitions like skits, debates, elocution, quiz, mock parliament, films, etc. This fest has become one of the most popular events in the institute, and probably among the very few bodies which has events held in collaboration with establishments like The Union Bank of India and The Times of India. The popularity of VESLit week can be witnessed by the huge number of students who participate actively in all the competitions. These events help the students to not only build their courage to speak in public with confidence and poise, but also develop their critical thinking and nurture leadership skills.

Faculty In-charge:
1. Dr. Geeta Ajit
2. Dr.Pooja Kundu
3. Dr. Sushil Dhuldhar

List of Equipment:

1 Computers 37
2 Headphones 20
3 Software 11 iLotus
4 Mirror Technique 1 mirror

Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3

We organized multiple sessions for Engineering and MCA students on topics like speech, group discussion, debates, interview techniques, self-introduction etc. Apart from this, students have also enhanced their verbal articulation and vocabulary building with the help of iLotus software. They have also learnt the importance of Kinesics while speaking in public. The shy students got a gigantic boost by practicing speech using mirror technique. Several students benefited from these sessions and were placed in their dream companies. Overall, we have a humongous response and excellent feedback from students regarding all the activities conducted under Language Lab. One of our students, Abhay Tiwari, who won the essay competition ‘Democracy and Me’, organised by MP, Rahul Shawale, was fortunate enough to attend The Republic Day Parade, and also a visit to the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Parliament House .

Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3

VESLit 2019-2020
This year's VESLit Circle had a complete makeover. It was structured, with four divisions, each tasked with a focused objective. The four divisions are: Debate, MUN & Mock Parliament; Quiz and Elocution, and Films. The student in-charges are as follows:
Student Head: Aditya Rao (D12B)
Deputy Student Head: C V Ananya (D14A)
Head: Faaiz Dastaagir (D11B)
Deputy Head: Tanmai Govindan (D11B)
Head: Rahul Motwani (D12B)
Deputy Head: Itisha Dalvi (D11A)
MUN and Mock Parliament
Head: Anusha Krishnan (D14B)
Deputy Head: Prasad Naik(D14B)
Head: Adith Nair (D14B)
Deputy Head: Pranav Bindra (D14B)
The VESLit Week was held from 30 September to 5 October 2019. There were a few pre-fest activities too. The details are as follows:

Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3
Language LAB CA3

The initiatives taken through the Language Lab have started bearing fruits with the students not only participating at National level competitions, but also trailing just a few points behind while competing with post graduate students from prestigious Management institutes.