Department of Computer Engineering

Programme: B.E (Computer Engineering)

HoD's Desk

“Growing is a process and learning is an experience”

The department is committed towards imparting quality education and developing future technocrats in the stream of computers. It is focussed towards its mission of facilitating student’s progress by providing a strong foundation in fundamental concepts as well as inculcating core values of professionalism and ethics.

The department presents them with a plethora of opportunities for applying their acquired knowledge and critical thinking skills thus striving to bridge the theory – practice divide.I attribute the phenomenal growth of the department to the winning combination of dedicated and experienced faculty, brilliant students and strong administrative support from the institute.


1. To create center of excellence in computing by imparting quality education for developing competent professionals.


1. To provide enabling environment through excellence in teaching & learning to contribute towards industry and society. .

2. To promote and strengthen interdisciplinary approach in innovation, creativity and research. .

3. To facilitate productive employment and higher studies with entrepreneurial attitude and professional ethics .


Dr. Nupur Giri

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