CodeCell (Tinkerer's of Computer Department)

Academic Year : 2019-20

About CodeCell:
Code Cell Objectives:
  • To introduce the students to the upcoming and recent technologies.
  • To conduct competitions and hackathons to test the technical and problem solving skills of the students and to motivate them to try out upcoming domains.
  • To provide students with training for recent technologies to bridge the gap between academic organisation and industry.
  • To guide the student to take up research projects and also to publish papers, patents in the respective domain.
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Even Semester:

IoT Hands-On Course
Faculty Coordinator:
  • Mr. Richard Joseph (Assistant Professor)
Event Start Date: 2nd August, 2019
Event End Date: 17th October, 2019
Speaker: Mr. Richard Joseph (Assistant Professor), Mrs. Mansi Talreja (Assistant Professor), Mrs. Richa Sharma (Assistant Professor), Mrs. Veena Trivedi (Assistant Professor), Ms. Rohini Sawant (Assistant Professor), Mrs. Suvarna Bhatsangave (Assistant Professor)
No of Students : 121 [ D7A (37) | D7B (45) | D7C (39) ] (All SE Students)

Google Cloud Study Jam
Conducted on 4th October 2019. for COMPS - 2nd 3rd year, IT and MCA department. Approximately 100 students participated, Speakers Divyansh Chaurasia (DSC lead) and Akanksha Bhasin (DSC lead)

ODD Semester:

Syrus Hackathon 2020 powered by Github
Syrus Hackathon 2020 powered by Github and associate sponsors cloudspoit, coding blocks, bugsee, balsamiq was organized by Codecell Tinker’s of Computer Engineering Department, VESIT. Syrus is focused on promoting innovation, diversity and networking among all future engineers. The Hackathon was conducted for 2 days from 5th March 2020 to 6th March 2020 and was attended by 129 students. The Hackathon was of a 34 hours intense session.
No of Participants: 129
Day 1 : (50 Teams)
Day 2 : (10 Teams)

Kickstart into ML
The event was a seminar on ‘Kickstart into ML’ for second year students. It was conducted by Mr Ali Mustafa Shaikh who is currently an Intel Software Innovator, Lead Ambassador IEEE Collabratec,Google Certified Educator level one and level two and organizer of Tensorflow UserGroup Mumbai . The event was organized by Codecell , the faculty coordinators were Richard Joseph and Priya R. L. and coordinated by Tina Chandwani and Sujitkumar Singh.
The event was conducted on 26th February 2020 from 10: 30 am to 1:30 pm.
The total number of attendees was 91.

WeTech Ideathon 2020 powered by Github
In association with Women Development Cell (WDC)
WeTech Ideathon 2020 powered by Github was organized by Codecell Tinker’s from the Computer Engineering Department, VESIT in association with Women Development Cell. It was an ALL-WOMEN Ideathon. This event is focused on promoting innovation, diversity and networking among all future women engineers. The Ideathon was conducted for two days on 6th March 2020 and 11th March 2020 and was participated by 90 students from various departments of VESIT.
No of Participants: 90
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