Mentor- Mentee Program

Mentoring and connecting the students with faculty members is the most important part of student induction. Mentoring takes place in the context and setting of Universal Human Values. It gets the student to explore oneself and experience the joy of learning, prepares one to stand up to peer pressure and take decisions with courage, be aware of relationships and be sensitive to others, understand the role of money in life and experience the feeling of prosperity. Need for character building has been underlined by many thinkers, universal human values provide the base. Methodology of teaching this content is extremely important. It must not be through do’s and don'ts, but by getting the students to explore and think by engaging them in a dialogue. It is best taught through group discussions and real life activities rather than lecturing. The role of group discussions, however, with clarity of thought of the teachers cannot be over emphasized. It is essential for giving exposure, guiding thoughts, and realizing values.It is to open thinking towards the self. Universal Human Values discussions could even continue for the rest of the semester as a normal course, and not stop with the induction program. Besides drawing the attention of the student to larger issues of life, it would build relationships between teachers and students which last for their entire 4-year stay and possibly beyond.