Electronic Health Records

Prashant Vilas Kanade

Written on 2022-04-15 13:07:02

India is among top high population nations. There are various conventional and non-conventional as well as advanced medical practices carried out by huge number of medical practitioners and health centres. Health care is a challenging issue in India. In our country, due to high population most of the regions even though they are near to cities are lacking the medicinal facilities. Medical data is generated in various forms by large number of medical practitioners and hospitals. Health related information itself has witnessed exponential growth. The traditional data applications are not appropriate to analyse and process this huge amount of data. Data is being generated from various sources. Data capturing, analysis, searching, sharing, storage, data visualization and security are emerging as major challenges. New techniques are emerging to counter these challenges and to use data for improved decision making. Data stored in most text databases are semi structured data in that they are neither completely unstructured nor completely structured.
For example, a document may contain a few structured fields, such as Patient Name, Age, and Gender Physician Information; and so on, but also contain some largely unstructured text components, such as Medical History, Treatment, Reports and Precautions. There have been a great deal of studies on the modelling and implementation of semi structured data in recent database research. Moreover, information retrieval techniques, such as text indexing methods, have been developed to handle unstructured documents.
It is a need of time to implement and use “EHR” as per the guidelines framed by Ministry of Health and Family Welfare[20]. It is a major task to provide a suitable architecture for Electronic Health Record System along with an acceptance model for EHR system. Towards the betterment of medicinal services in India; additional efforts are there to provide a solution with a sub system to use IOT for Medicinal facilities[8].

Use of Technology in Healthcare:
In this section we have focused on three major areas as Early use of computer system to maintain treatment channel using Medical Transcription , HIPAA, HL7
Early days and Medical Transcription:
Medical records are stored since ancient era as few carvings are found that is a evidence of medical record keeping
Image result for ancient carving related to medicinal treatment
Image result for ancient carving related to Health Information
Figure 1: Carving related medical treatment

Earlier the patient record was maintained in paper format and preserved in huge cabinet and used whenever required for reference or verification. It was necessary to preserve the treatment plan to be used for future use and also to keep track of patient health. Doctors use to send their dication in sound files and that is converted into computer file.

Body is a Beautiful Instrument for the Self

Dr.Shivkumar Goel

Written on 2021-03-16 20:50:31

Human Being is the coexistence between Self and Body , Self’s need is different, Body’s Needs are different , Body’s Needs are Limited and fulfilled with Physio Chemical Things while self’s need can be fulfilled by Right Understanding and Right Feelings

Our Misconception: Body = Self

What we need to do: Understand the Self in Detail

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