Body is a Beautiful Instrument for the Self

Dr.Shivkumar Goel

Written on 2021-03-17 02:20:31

Human Being is the coexistence between Self and Body , Self’s need is different, Body’s Needs are different , Body’s Needs are Limited and fulfilled with Physio Chemical Things while self’s need can be fulfilled by Right Understanding and Right Feelings

Our Misconception: Body = Self

What we need to do: Understand the Self in Detail

Understand Trust /Respect correctly (Natural Acceptance, Mutual Happiness)

Dr.Shivkumar Goel

Written on 2021-03-17 02:13:39


Trust is the Foundation of any Human Human Relationship

Trust is defined correctly in these words--- My Intention and Other's Intention is same. I want to make him Happy and Prosperous and He also wants me to be Happy and Prosperous. As I can not be Happy all the times and i can not make happy other too all the time, so this is my ability (Competence), similarly other wants me Happy but he is not able to make me Happy that movement, so this is the lacking in his ability (Competence).  I am lacking in Ability (Competence) , he is also lacking in Ability (Competence)  but the Intention of both of us is Same " To Make Happy and Prosperous"

Solution: In some cases , I am having more ability (Competence) about many things in which ,he is not  but there are so many things in which his ability (Competence) is more than me , In this case we should make ourselves Complementary to each other without doubting on Intention of each other ,on other hand we generally doubt on other's Intention. In other words ,it is called as Collabration. As we know, all big Achievements in companies are due to this Collabration but they do not mention to each other that you are lacking in this particular area and i am supporting you.

More Detailed Solution of Trust 

(a) If the other has more understanding, he is more responsible than me

              -I am committed to understand from the other

(b) If I have more understanding, I am more responsible than the other

              -I live with responsibility with the other, unconditionally, unperturbed by the behaviour of the other

              -I am committed to facilitate understanding in the other and this is called Excellence 


Similarly Another Problem in any Human Human Relationship is Respect. Respect is defined correctly as --

Respect = Right Evaluation, Whenever the evaluation is not right (over evaluation/under evaluation), it is Disrespect.

Respect defined as (Natural Acceptance) : The Other is Similar to Me. We are complementary to each other

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