“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”

To look upon the past year and see how little but powerfully SoRT has striven and to what purpose: To spread and impact lives.

Since its inception in 2008 by a group of enthusiastic students, SoRT has never looked back, being recently named as one of the most active group (at institutional level) at social work and community services all over India.

Like every year, last year SoRT took special steps towards the welfare of the society. This small family pulled off unique events last year, each largely benefitting the ones in need. SoRT strongly believes in the ripple effect and that small good deeds can make a big difference. It will continue to do so in future too.

While SoRT attempts to bring out momentous changes in society through grassroot level actions with respect to a plethora of sectors including healthcare, social awareness and environmental care, SoRT is also the team that will bring out the best in you, motivate you and be with you at every step of our way.

Towards the better, together!!

Staff Incharges

Sr.No Names
1 Manisha Joshi
2 Manisha Tiwari

Council Members

Sr.No Names Member
1 Rakshita Danee SoRT Secretary
2 Venkatesh Reddy Senior Deputy Secretary
3 Sahil Deshmukh Senior Deputy Secretary
4 Gunjan Sureka Senior Deputy Secretary
5 Harsh Khairajani Senior Deputy Secretary
6 Shreya Kukreja Junior Deputy Secretary
7 Soniya Deshmukh Junior Deputy Secretary
8 Suleman Mathekar Junior Deputy Secretary
9 Piyush Waghmare Junior Deputy Secretary
10 Aditi Mishra Junior Deputy Secretary


"Rural project on awareness of safety, hygiene and solar power!"

The week started with the first ever ‘SWAYAM JYOTI’ in collaboration with SoRT-VESIT -

❖ Project based on students rural awareness which include safety.

❖ Maintain Hygin.

❖ Knowledge of solar power and its use in day routine.

Was conducted on date 14th July 2023 , at the place GOVT. ASHRAM SCHOOL, GARGAON, TA. WADA.DIST. PALGHAR, MAHARASHTRA.

Sustainability Week

“ Sustainability is no longer about doing less harm. It’s about doing more good. ”

Date: 19th September to 25th September 2021

The Sustainability week started on the 19th of September which mainly focused on clothes sustainability and sustainable fashion. The main aim of the sustainability week was to make students aware of -

❖ Sustainability & its importance

❖ Sustainable fashion

❖ Clothes donation

Remote Clothes Donation

“Little by little, a little becomes a lot!”

Poster of the ‘Remote Clothes Donation’

The week started with the first ever ‘Remote Clothes Donation’ in which students had to -

❖ Donate the clothes they don’t use to their house help/ needy ones.

❖ Click the picture of the donations.

❖ Upload the pictures in the google form links provided.

The class with the most donations was promised to be titled as ‘Utopian Class of VESIT’. After analysing the responses of the students which were received, the title was given to D9B (EXTC) class.

Clothes Donation Drive

“No act of kindness, no matter how small is ever wasted!”

Staff Incharges :

  1. Manisha Joshi
  2. Manisha Tiwarii

Place & date : VESIT (Amphitheatre), Chembur 21st September to 23rd September 2021 The clothes donation drive was conducted by the Social Responsibility Team (SoRT-VESIT) from the 21st September till the 23rd September at the college Amphitheatre.

SoRT members with the total donations received

The following council members were present for the 3 days long donation drive :

  1. Rakshita Danee (SoRT Secretary)
  2. Rakshita Danee (SoRT Secretary)
  3. Sahil Deshmukh (Senior Deputy Secretary)
  4. Suleman Mathekar (Junior Deputy Secretary)
  5. Soniya Deshmukh (Junior Deputy Secretary)

Photographs with few faculties who donated in the 3 day long clothes donation drive

A total of 39 bags of clothes were collected and were donated to 2 organisations namely -

  1. Acid Survivors Saahas Foundation (ASSF)
  2. Children’s Aid Society

The SoRT Council along with the General Secretary handing over the donation to one of the NGO - ASS

SOS- Sustainable Outfit Soiree

“Sustainable fashion is not a trend but the future."

The SOS - Sustainable Outfit Soiree was an event which consisted of 2 rounds -

❖ Donate the clothes they don’t use to their house help/ needy ones.

❖ Click the picture of the donations.

❖ Upload the pictures in the google form links provided.

The students were given 6 different themes of which they had to pick one and dress accordingly. They were given the freedom to participate individually OR in a team of 2 members.

Poster of the SOS - Sustainable Outfit Soiree with the various themes

The Final Round of the SOS was conducted on the 25th of September at 5pm. The event was hosted by members of the junior council - Ms. Diya Shah and Ms. Aditi Mishra. The honorary guest invited was the Pune plogger Mr. Vivek Gurav popularly known as the ‘PlogMan’ who spoke about his experiences as a social activist and a few words on Sustainability.

The event saw various performances from the Dancing Duo - Mansi Bellani & Madhura Mhatre, The Voice of VESIT- Arunim Chakraborty, Mr. Fresher 2020 - Noel Dason and the Music Council Secretary 2021 - Yash Raje. The entire event was live streamed on youtube for a duration of 2 hours.

The submissions received for the event were judged by the former SoRT Secretary, Ms. Ayushi Pamnani on the basis of four parameters -

  1. Creativity
  2. Style
  3. Sustainability factor
  4. Q&A session

After grading the finalists based on the above factors, Ms. Samartha Rayguru from D10A was declared as the Winner of the SOS - Sustainability Outfit Soiree!

Winner of SOS - Ms. Samartha Rayguru (D10A)

Vivek Gurav interacting with the hosts of SOS - Diya Shah & Aditi Mishra

Screenshot of the SoRT council members with the finalists of SOS

Vidya Lakshmi Portal Awareness Webinar

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”

Date: 2nd October, 2021
Time: 10am

Vidya Lakshmi Portal Webinar Poster

The Vidya Lakshmi Portal Awareness webinar was conducted on the 2nd of October at 10am on Zoom meeting platform.
The honourable guest invited was Mrs. Deepika Anand ma’am, the Chief Manager of BOI - Bank Of India to enlighten the students about the Vidya Lakshmi Portal. She spoke about the student loans that are available and answered many questions of the students regarding the process involved in taking up the educational loans, their repayment and various other formalities. More than 200 students attended the webinar.

Picture of the host - Ms. Soniya Deshmukh interacting with the guest - Mrs. Deepika Anand and other students.

Screenshot of the webinar with a few attendees and the honourable guest

The 30 minutes interactive session was concluded with a vote of thanks by the SoRT Secretary Ms. Rakshita Danee.

Vaccination Drive at VESIT

Staff Incharges :

  1. Manisha Joshi
  2. Manisha Tiwari
Place & date :
VES Campus
27th October 2021

Maharashtra State Government had conducted a Free Vaccination Drive for students above 18 years of age. Considering this, the vaccination drive was conducted on 27th October 2021 in our VES Campus. The students as well as their parents, were eligible for this vaccination drive. With over 23 responses from both students and parents, SoRT successfully conducted this drive.

SoRT Council Members with Principal Ma’am J.M.Nair

Visit to S.M.I.T Old Age home

“Young people are accidents of nature but beautiful old people are works of art”

Staff Incharges :

  1. Manisha Joshi
  2. Manisha Tiwari
Place & date :
SMIT Old Age Home, Thane
14th November 2021

Date: 2nd October, 2021
Time: 10am

SoRT-VESIT in collaboration with VESIT Music Council & VESIT Sports Council under FELICITY conducted a visit to SMIT old age home on 14th November focusing towards helping the senile aged souls residing there. Two student council members namely Venkatesh Reddy(D15A) and Yash Raje (D15A) visited the NGO on behalf of VESIT. A quality time was spent with the senior citizens over there by arranging some fun music sessions for them.

SoRT Council Members at SMIT OLD AGE HOME

TalentAid - An Open Stage Fundraiser

“Giving a little is better than not giving at all”

Staff Incharges :

  1. Manisha Joshi
  2. Manisha Tiwari
Place & date :
Youtube live stream
19th November 2021

SoRT-VESIT in collaboration with VESIT Music Council & VESIT Sports Council had conducted TalentAid- An Open Stage Fundraiser under FELICITY

The event was a fundraiser event with the students showcasing their talents in it. Google forms were circulated among SE,TE,BE students for participation. The forms included categories like Singing, poetry recitation, story telling, etc, whatever the participants wish to perform.

The event commenced at 4.00pm and was started with Ganesh Vandana followed by the performances and video clips of the NGO Visit. We received a total of 19 entries for the event, and along with the same we had special milestone performances from our General Secretary Khushi Makhijani and the Council Secretaries (Rakshita Dane,Yash Raje, Aaditya Moykhede,Sahana Shetty).

All the funds raised through this event will be donated to SMIT old age home and Care Foundation. The donations were directly done via ketto link provided in the youtube live stream of the event. ( The event was of Great Grand Success and we successfully raised a total of Rs.57,045.


ODD SEMESTER (A.Y. 2021-22)

The SoRT council, in partnership with the Sports Council and the Music Council, held a charity event called FELICITY this odd semester. Through this event, VESIT Sports Council in collaboration with SoRT Council and Music Council organized its first ever intercollegiate event, Valo for Charity. It was a massive esports tournament with a charitable purpose.

It took place from November 16th to November 21st. Teams from various colleges were required to register by giving Rs.250 via Ketto Link. In-game prizes were awarded to the winning teams.

Publicity Posters:
  • The events' success was aided by the most imaginative and helpful VA teams across the three councils, who promoted and advertised the event with amazing IGTV, films, and reels, among other things.
  • The event was promoted through various social media platforms such as Instagram, Discord, WhatsApp and Mail.

About the Event:

The Valorant game in Valo for Charity was conducted in different formats throughout the event. Unranked Custom Lobby was the tournament type. In our tournament, a total of 36 teams from various colleges had enrolled. The top four teams advanced to the Semi-Finals. Our Finalists were determined through the tough and cutthroat Semi-finals. The Finals were held in a best-of-three format. The Semi-Finals and Finals were broadcast live on YouTube, with viewers donating through the Ketto Link.

Winner FGB
1st Runner Up WHOLESOME
Winner 1 Skin + 1 Battle Pass
1st Runner Up 1 Skin
2nd Runner Up 2 Battle Pass