Details about scholarship

All students of FE, SE,TE ,BE and MCA  whose family income is less than 3 lakhs per annum and have CGPA of 7.00 and above can apply for  scholarship for the year 2017-18. FE students are eligible only for Students Aid scholarship.

Students getting Full Tuition Fees waiver (TFWS / SC / ST / NT / SBC) are not eligible for Scholarship.

The last date for completed forms to be submitted is 22nd Aug 2017 . The completed forms should clearly indicate your class (i.e. D11, D12,) & branch on the right top of the application form.
Template of Application Forms  is attached with the mail. All completed forms are to be submitted to the respective department Scholarship in charges. Students have also to fill the VES Scholarship online.
Xerox of Mark sheets of 10th,12th and the semesters passed should be attached along with the income certificate ( for financial year 2016-17)
Please contact the department scholarship in-charges for any queries.

Scholarships  Applications are invited for the following scholarships:

VES Scholarship: This scholarship will be decided centrally for VES colleges and forwarded to Tulsiani Trust. The criteria for this scholarship is that the student should have a score of at least 7.00 grade and family income of less than three lakh per annum.
VESIT offers the following scholarships to meritorious and needy students.

  • Students Aid Scholarship

The criteria for this scholarship is that the student should have a score of at least 7.00 grade and family income of less than one lakh per annum.   Scholarships of Rupees Fifteen thousand each are given to 15-20 students across all departments every year.

  • Vivekanand Jyoti Scholarship

One student from each department is given this scholarship. An Amount of Rupees Thirty thousand each is given every year. The criteria is a grade point of at least 7.00 and family Income of less than one lakh per annum.</p>

  • Geeta Israni Foundation Scholarship

The Nischal Israni foundation has offered scholarship of Rupees Ten thousand each to ten meritorious and needy students. The criteria is family income of less than 1.5 lakhs per annum a grade point of at least 7.00.This scholarship is offered only to second year students.
All students who have a family Income of less than 3L per annum can apply for the above scholarships.
A single application form needs to be submitted all scholarships
Students can contact their department scholarship in charges for the same
The following staff will act as departmental scholarship in charges :

  • ETRX      — Ms. Rakhi Jadhav
  • CMPN    — Mrs. Lifna C S
  • INST       — Mrs. Mugdha Jogalekar
  • EXTC      — Mrs. Himali Patel & Nusrat Ansari
  • INFT       — Ms. Sukanya Roy
  • MCA        — Mrs. Geocey Shejy & Manju Ahuja
  • H&AS       —  Mr. S B Singh & Mrs. Netto Mertia
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