Research and Development


Electronic Radioactivity Simulator  Completed
Study and Characterization of Schottky Diode Semi-Conductor Detector  Completed
Study and Characterization of Inorganic Scintillator Detector  Completed
Research Grade Universal Bio Medical Analyzer  Completed
Acquisition and Analysis of EEG Signals With Improved Signal to Noise Ratio  Completed
Mobile and Wireless Sensor Network for Precision Agriculture  Completed
High Resolution Resistance and Capacitance Measurement  Completed
Low Amplitude (uV) Signal Generation With High Signal to Noise Ratio  Completed
To Design an Integrator Circuit for the Output Voltage Signal of Rogowski Coil  Completed
To Design an Amplifier Circuit for Output Voltage Signal of Rogowski Coil  Completed
To provide DC Shift Correction for Sensing True AC Signal  Completed
Data Acquisition & Calibration System for TAC Based Phase Shift Measurement  Completed
Time to Amplitude Converter for Nanosecond Phase Shift Measurement  Completed
Leakage Detection Using Fiber Optics Simulation  Completed
High Speed Peak Detection Circuit  Completed
Kalman Filter Technique in Engineering data science with application in Nuclear Reactions  Completed
Bayseian Techniques in Engineering Data with application in Nuclear Reactions  Completed
Study, Design and Construction of High Resolution A to D Converter with High Sampling Rate  Completed
Simulation of shielding characteristics using GEANT4  Completed
Nuclear data evaluation for 241Am using Kalman Filter Technique  Completed
New Research Avenues in Low Level Signal Processing  Ongoing
New Methods of High Performance Reconfigurable Analog to Digital Converters  Ongoing
Investigation and Characterization of Partial Discharge Phenomena in High Voltage Equipment  Ongoing
New methods for the Design of Nuclear Pulse Spectroscopy for Optimum Performance  Ongoing
Research for changes in characteristics of optical fibres with changes in various Parameters like temperature, vibration etc.  Ongoing
Advances in Timing Spectroscopy and Time of Flight Measurement  Ongoing
Application of Kalman filter Techniques in Nuclear Data science  Ongoing
Design and construction of precision and sliding pulse generator  Ongoing
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