Department of Electronics & Computer Science Engineering

Programme: B.E (Electronics & Computer Science Engineering)

HoD's Desk

The success of any hardware-based project depends on how well it has been tested prior to its hardware implementation. Computer-based simulations help in testing the accuracy and reliability of any designed project or product. This also helps in efficiently reducing the cost of any designed project involving expensive components and precious time for the organization. Hence, we need to prepare our next generation so that they provide solutions by working on both hardware and software simultaneously to face the requirements of industry 4.0. Also, in the real- life scenario, no process is purely electronics based or computer-based. Electronics and Computer Science being the integration of these two engineering fields aids in meeting the demands of both electronics and computer-based industries in today's world.

The department is well equipped with the state of art laboratories to give practical training to the students and serve the research needs of the faculty members of the institute. Various laboratories are set up to enhance the skills of students in the field of Electronics and Computer Science Engineering.

In addition to these laboratories, the department also has a dedicated PCB manufacturing facility. This enables the students to undertake all in-house projects. The department is practicing outcome-based teaching learning strategies by implementing various teaching and assessment tools. Access to reputed journals in various branches of engineering is available to students and faculty members. All faculty members are approachable to the students for any of their problems, whether academic or non-academic. The department aims to make students technically sound and mentally strong to face the challenges of the real world.


To produce globally competent and socially responsible engineers capable of independently solving problems with a sound knowledge of engineering in Electronics and Computer Science.


  • To prepare students in the field of engineering in Electronics and Computer Science for lifelong learning.
  • To develop professionals who can think critically and provide cost-effective solutions to solve local and global issues using knowledge of Electronics and Computer Science.
  • To inculcate a sense of being job providers than job seekers with due consideration to ethical and social values.

Dr. Kavita Tewari

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