Smart India Hackathon

SIH 2020 Smart India Hackathon (SIH) is World’s Biggest Hackathon. The first edition of SIH was started in 2017. VESIT has started with it glorious success in SIH since 2017, the first edition itself. It’s once again a pride moment that in SIH 2020, VESIT has got add on to success story. Our two teams won the prize of Rs. 1, 00,000/- in SIH 2020. Every year VESIT Renaissance Cell(VRC) is coordinating this event successfully to motivate and guide the students to increase the chance of winning.

The winning Team Details:

Team 1: SPARX

Team Leader: Khushboo Chandnani /BE/INFT

Team Members:

  • Ujala Jha /BE/INFT
  • Juyee Sabade /BE/INFT
  • Ruchika Motwani /BE/INFT
  • Sanjay Janyani /BE/INFT
  • Sahil Sadhwani /BE/INFT
Team Mentors:
  • Mr. Amit Singh
  • Mr. Sridhar Patnaik
Problem Statement:Job Recommender System

Team 2: Digital Fortress

Team Leader: Gayatri Patil /TE/CMPN

Team Members:
  • Pragya Choudhary /TE/CMPN
  • Yash Mate /TE/CMPN
  • Gaurav Tirodkar /TE/CMPN
  • Kuldeep Khalsa /TE/CMPN
  • Deepak Tejwani /TE/CMPN
Team Mentors:
  • Dr. Mrs. Anjali Yeole
  • Mrs. Mannat Doultani
Problem Statement: Converting handwritten documents as scanned images or photos (in any format) to legible text documents using AI extracting important and critical information into the database.

Glorious Success of VESITians
  • In SIH 2017, two teams were shortlisted and one team from VESIT won the prize.
  • In SIH 2018, six teams were shortlisted and three teams won the prize.
  • In SIH 2019, eight teams were shortlisted and six teams won the prize.
  • In SIH 2020, four teams were shortlisted and two won the prize.

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