VESIT -Library

Our library boasts of more than 47,500 books and journals of national & international level. Along with technical updates via latest journals, students can also keep themselves abreast with the latest happenings in the world via News Paper, Magazine & Internet facility. The library is divided in two sections: ­

Reference Section: This section stocks recent editions of text books. Student can borrow one book at a time against their Library Identity Card. The books/journals in this section are meant for reading in the hall only. The question papers of previous examinations conducted by the University of Mumbai are also available in this section.

Lending Section: Students can borrow two text books for verification from this section. Generally the students can get books for one week. A fine will be charged if a book is not returned within a given time.

The students are required to abide by the following rules of the Library. Any violation of these rules will lead to a fine or punishment by the Principal. The rules are as below:­

  • Every student must submit his/her valid identity at the entrance of the library and the reading room. Ex­ – students of the college, who are members of Alumni Association, can use the library facilities.
  • Pencil or ink marking and writing on the pages of the library books or any other way of mutilating the books will be treated as library indiscipline. The first reader will be held responsible unless he/she points out to the Librarian at the time of issue of the book.
  • The reference books, journals, question paper sets, Dictionaries etc. will be issued for reference in the Reading Room only and on no account they should be taken out of Reading Room.
  • Students must refrain from disturbing their neighbours in Library & Reading Hall.
  • The student should immediately inform the Librarian any loss, damage of book borrowed by him/her on the library card.
  • Any other matter not covered by these Rules will rest at the absolute discretion of the Principal and Librarian.
  • Student should not bring their precious belongings to the Library. If such things are lost, the Library will not be responsible for it.
  • Students should maintain complete silence in the Reading Hall.
  • Students should contact the Librarian if they face any problem regarding usage of library facilities. They should not argue with the staff on duty.


Dr. M. Vijayalakshmi

Vice principal



Mrs. Kadambari Sharma




Dr. P . Birajdar 

Faculty / ETRX



Mrs. Pooja Nagdev

Faculty / CMPN



Dr. ( Mrs.) Ranjan Bala Jain

Faculty / EXTC



Ms. Geocey Shejy

Faculty / MCA



Mr. Sandeep Uthala

Faculty / INFT



Mr. Vivek Umrikar

Faculty / H & AS



Ms. Meenakshi Tyagi

Librarian, Central Library 


Library space and ambience, timings and usage, availability of a qualified librarian and other staff, library automation, online access, networking, etc.


Carpet area of library (in sq.m): 528.22 sq.m
Reading space (in sq.m): 450 sq.m
Number of seats in reading space: 220 persons
Number of users (issue book) per day: 200 – 250 per day
Number of users (reading space) per day: 70 per day
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Academic Working day

08:30 a.m

06:00 p.m

Academic Weekend


Home Lending (Issuing)

10:00 a.m

10:30 a.m

12:30 p.m

05:00 p.m

Reference Section

Open as Long as the Library is Open

Vacation (Exam Preparation)

08:30 a.m

07:00 p.m

Previous Year Question Paper


Book Bank Scheme

VESIT- Library Book Bank SchemeIn VESIT, “VACHAK PRERNA DIVAS” is celebrated on 15th October 2015. It introduced a new scheme for VESIT students, known as Book Bank Scheme. The committee members, Mrs. Kadambari and Dr. Ranjan Bala were present on the occasion. The Principal, Dr. (Mrs.)J.M.Nair along with other committee staffs distributed the books to the members. On the same day, library distributed the BEST USER certificates to the students of Academic year 2014-15. E-Book demo session was held on 28th September, 2015 by Pearson and TMH publishers. First session was demo lecture given by Mr. Netwane, from TMH publishers and also solved the query of the staff members. The other session was e-book demo lecture given by Mr. Siddhesh from Pearson publishers.

Promotion Scheme

VESIT - Library Promotion SchemesAn understanding of students and how they learn is essential in developing Institution. Library and Information services of Technical institutions play a central role in enhancing the quality of academic and research environment. To meet the end users demands effectively the libraries need to identify and adopt practices and benchmarks. Thus we started to practice of declaring “BEST USERS” every month from the year 2013.