Best Practices

VESIT has developed the best practices which added to quality improvement in terms of teaching and learning at the institute. VESIT best practices are educational strategies, activities and approaches undertaken to ensure that each student gets maximum benefit from it.

The Institute has many prevalent best practices such as:

Looking Beyond Syllabus (LBS)
LBS is an annual event in VESIT where different student groups come up with their innovative ideas and make projects benefiting the society. LBS activity is strategically designed in terms of planning, implementation and continuous improvement. The aim is to expose the students to emerging technologies and opportunities to work as teams on multidisciplinary projects under the mentorship of a faculty member assigned to them.

Looking Beyond Syllabus (LBS)-2021 -22

Looking Beyond Syllabus (LBS)-2022 -23

Campus to Corporate
The mission of the institute states to enable students to work towards excellence in their chosen fields with a professional bent of mind. Students who come to college are from different socio-economic classes of society, sometimes lack communication skills, command over English language and confidence to face the interviews. The institute relentlessly pursues to provide them with best possible grooming activities so that every student is not only academically nurtured and nourished; but should also be holistically developed. Various activities conducted free of cost by the institute for the students to make them globally employable keeping in view the industry requirements.

Campus to Corporate-2021 -22

Campus to Corporate-2022 -23

Awakening the Scientist (ATS)
Awakening the Scientist is an opportunity given to the first year students to take the first step in the transformation of a student to a professional. Students make groups and each group identifies the basic engineering and technology used in equipment, gadgets and tools used in day to day life. The group will have to relate to the past, present and future of the technology used.

Awakening the Scientist (ATS)-2021 -22

Awakening the Scientist (ATS)-2022 -23

Students Personality, Intellect & Creativity Enhancement (SPICE) was formed for MCA students to bridge the gap between the college syllabus and the placements. SPICE conducts aptitude tests, mock interviews, sessions by experts and ex- students to make students understand the aptitude level of dream companies as well prepare them for such placements in both aptitude and interviews. Several career guidance sessions conducted from time to time for grooming the students by the department of MCA under SPICE. Students are made aware of the expectations of the company. They should be updated and made fit to work in the current environment.

SPICE-2021 -22

SPICE-2022 -23

Vesit Renaissance Cell(VRC)
Vesit Renaissance Cell also known as VRC was established in the year of 2015-16.Principal Dr. J.M. Nair, came up with an idea of having "young leaders" as an intermediate layer of the workforce. She picked up a few members from all departments. VRC is a team of eleven members. To fulfill objectives of VRC different activities were started. Project based learning and skill development activities give real growth to the goals.
Suggest and Implement Innovative schemes to afflux VESIT for achieving academic excellence.
❖ To enhance VESIT goodwill
❖ To enhance skills
❖ To create knowledge sharing facilities
❖ To promote Innovation
❖ To increase use of Technology in Teaching learning process

Vesit Renaissance Cell(VRC)-2021 -22

Vesit Renaissance Cell(VRC)-2022 -23

Skill Enchancement Lectures (SEL)
All round development, a desire to expand one's horizons, and a commitment to excellence is inculcated in the students of VESIT in a disciplined environment ensuring a strong foundation. To achieve this, the institute arranges expert lectures Skill Enhancement Lectures (SEL) from industry/ institute. Skill Enhancement Lectures (SEL) are arranged by the Subject Teachers for their respective subject during the Semester. Each Subject Teacher must arrange at least two such sessions (i.e, Lectures, Workshops etc ... ) per Semester that pertains to Content Beyond syllabus. Each individual Faculty initiates the process of inviting Experts from Industry / renowned Institutes like BARC, TIFR, IIT, CDAC etc. After each such session, the Subject Teacher documents the event and evaluates theStudent Feedback

Skill Enchancement Lectures (SEL)-2021 -22

Skill Enchancement Lectures (SEL)-2022 -23

Scholarship for Eligible Students
Many times fees are not affordable to aspiring students coming from financially weaker sections. The problem is even prominent when the cost of accommodation gets added for outside Mumbai students .VES trustees are foremost in giving out scholarships to needy students. There are many private organizations which VESIT approaches to raise the funds for the students.

Scholarship for Eligible Students-2021 -22

Scholarship for Eligible Students -2022 -23