International Yoga Day - 21 June 2016

VESIT International Yoga Day


VESIT International Yoga Day


VESIT International Yoga Day

On December 2014, the UN General Assembly had adopted a resolution with a record number of 177 co-sponsoring member states to establish the International Day of Yoga to be commentated every year on 21st June under the call from our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi.  

UN General Assembly recognized that Yoga provides a holistic approach to health and well-being bringing harmony in all walks of life. Yoga is essentially a spiritual discipline based on an extremely subtle science which focuses on bringing a balance between mind and body.

Yoga today is practiced, recognized and celebrated worldwide. The celebration of International day of yoga is supported by various global leaders. It is celebrated by the people of more than 170 countries including USA, China, Canada, etc. It is celebrated on an international level by organizing activities like yoga training camps, yoga competitions and other activities to enhance the awareness about yoga benefits amongst the masses all over the world.

Hence to celebrate this Important Day, the staff and students of Vivekanand Education Society’s Institute of Technology along with VES College of Arts, Science and Commerce celebrated International Yoga Day under the guidance of Ms. Rita C Vazirani& Mr. Prasad Godse.

Ms. Rita C Vazirani “Executive Administrator” V.E.S. College of Arts, Science & Commerce is associated with the college for more than 33 years. She is B.A in Yoga Shashtra, an experienced yoga teacher working with Yoga Sadhna Kendra for the past 15 years. The international Yoga Day celebrations were conducted under her guidance. The highlights of the event are as follows:

Mr. Prasad Godse, Asst. Professor, VESIT initiated the introductory session by welcoming all as per the protocol established by the government. He initiated the event with a powerful prayer filling the minds of all with gratitude. This also helped in enhancing the benefits of the practice that followed.

Ms. Rita Vazirani, who conducted the event, started the session by a basic warm up, to gear the participants for the asasna’s that followed.

Five professional students having over eight years of experience, demonstrated all asanas for the participants to follow. They also portrayed advance yoga asanas demonstrating what can be ultimately achieved through devoted and regular practice. These advance practices were a treat for the eyes for the participants.

Around 160 students and staff from all the streams of V.E.S. Institute of Technology and VES College of Arts, Science & Commerce were part of this event.

The event was also graced by the VESIT Principal, Dr. (Mrs.) J.M. Nair and Dr. Anita Kanwar, Vice Principal of VES Arts Science & Commerce College. They actively participated in the event, paying close attention to all the asanas being performed.

Participants practiced the asana’s with great enthusiasm and excitement followed by pranayama and meditation enducing a tranquil and focused state of mind.It was in this receptive state of mind that the participants made a Sankalp.
I commit, to make myself into a healthy, peaceful, joyful and loving human being. Through every action of mine, I will strive to create a peaceful and loving atmosphere around me. I strive to break the limitations of who I am right now and include the entire world as my own. I recognize the kinship of my own life with every other life. The event was then concluded with Shanti path, followed by smiling & peaceful and faces, thus making the event a huge success.

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