V-REACH '24: MCA- "Data Analytics and its importance for coming years"





We bring you the 4.0 version of V-REACH: An Alumni Engagement Initiative.


VESIT is proud of its robust alumni base, which has grown immensely and reached global heights. It wholeheartedly acknowledges their role as stakeholders in leveraging the VESIT brand to foster this relationship further VESIT-Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC - VESIT_2023_24_UID-0037), in association with the Institution’s Innovation Council (IIC), has unlocked the teaching and learning process. This VESIT's Alumni Engagement Initiative: ”V-REACH”  has started during unprecedented times of COVID-19. 



Objectives of V-REACH:

·To provide a forum for a series of webinars covering various domains of learning and support outcome-based education.

·To enable knowledge and expertise sharing of alumni for professional development of students.

·To actively engage the stakeholders to expand VESIT’s outreach.

·To foster our relationship with our alumni effectively and employ their flair, ardor, knack, and contributions to constructive ends for VESIT and its students.


V-REACH sessions caters to the needs of students with diverse backgrounds, covering the following broad areas:

  1. Guidance on preparing for better placements 
  2. Higher studies and career guidance
  3. Research and innovations
  4. Entrepreneurship development and
  5. New trends in Technology


VESIT is inviting you to be a part of this session. Kindly find the details as follows:




22 FEBRUARY - 2024, Thursday

10.30AM | 12.00PM




 Thanks and Regards,



V-Reach MCA Coordinator : Dr. Ramesh Solanki and Mrs. Indira Bhattacharya

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