Build With AI" Workshop: Unleash the Power of Generative AI with GenAI

Hello Everyone,

Project Astra is just the first chapter in the story of GenAI! This revolutionary AI can hold conversations, understand your surroundings, and even remember things you tell it! 🤖 It's just a glimpse into the exciting world of Generative AI, and we're inviting you to explore its full potential in our upcoming workshop!
GDSC VESIT, Codecell, and the Computer Department in association with IQAC are thrilled to bring you our latest workshop - Build With AI! ✨

🎤 Speaker: Piyush Chugeja | D12B

What's in store for you?
🌟 Introduction to GenAI
📜 Rules and Regulations of GenAI
🔥 Latest Trends: Project Astra and GPT-4o
🌐 Explore latest GenAI based platforms like and Pico Apps

📅 Event Details:
- Date: 24th May 2024
- Time: 3 P.M.
- Meet Link:
- Registration Link:

RSVP now at ! 🎉

For any doubts, feel free to contact us:
📞 Anagha Kulkarni: 9136821964  
📞 Vedika Walhe: 9833979737
See you there! 👋
Saumya Tripathi  


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