We have always been so confident of our coding skills and always find ourselves capable to solve any kind of an error or problem😏
But what happens when it comes to doing it as a team but rather, as a duo.πŸ‘«πŸΎ

In collaboration with e-PRAXIS'21 organised by VRC in association with VESIT IIC & IQAC ,

CSI-VESIT presents Sherlock And Watson an occasion where your programming skills and friendship both will be put to the test in an amazing event to race against time and experience ultimately to clinch the title🀩.

Guidance from Sherlock🧐:
This is not just an event to challenge your techie mind but also to test your skills of cooperation and mutual interpretation with your partnerπŸ€—. All the epic highs and lows you'll face as a team will eventually lead you to the crown.πŸ‘‘

Date : 21st April 2021
Time : 12:30PM

Eager to see your(both of your) brains in action soon!πŸ˜‰

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