Days and weeks don't seem like reality anymore in this endless loop of boredom we face right now😪.But wait!
Think there might be a way to get out of this repetitive routine and get yourselves a touch of refreshment in these ponderous times?🤩

In collaboration with e-PRAXIS'21 organised by VRC in association with VESIT IIC & IQAC ,

CSI-VESIT brings to you IQuaranteen an amazing opportunity for you to relax and turn your quarantine into a collaborative occasion of excitement and enthusiasm also- filled with fun games and puzzles🥳.

A Provocative Dare🤨:
You won't be just up against your fellow participants but also against yourself to make a mind-check if you have lost touch of reality in this lockdown or do your brains still function like they used to in times of joy and togetherness!🥺

Date : 21st April
Time : 1:30PM Onwards
Platform : CSI-VESIT'S Instagram handle

Hope to see you soon!!😁

Event Details :-

Event will be conducted on CSI-VESIT's Instagram account.
Participants will have to clear different rounds for becoming the ultimate champion.
In the entire event, each participant has to solve puzzles and answer questions showing their technical superiority competing with other teams.

1.) Each team can consist of 1 or 2 members. 

2.) The team which clears all the rounds and solves the final question will win.

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