Oracle Academy advances computer science education globally to drive knowledge, innovation, skills development, and diversity in technology fields. It provides educational institutions with the resources they need to help educators develop core computing knowledge and skills aligned to industry standards and using current technologies. Oracle Academy can help educators keep up with ever-changing technologies and software to help prepare students for their futures. It enables educators to value collaborators who are empowered to facilitate innovative student learning in and outside the classroom.

Oracle Academy free program offers institutions and educators access to a wide range of teaching and educational resources, including curriculum, classroom learning resources, software, practice environments, and much more. This learning opportunity is for the students of Computer Engineering, Information Technology and MCA departments.


ORACLE being a software platform allows several courses suited to our curriculum with in depth study. VESIT proudly announces the collaboration with ORACLE Academy ( License number :20843256 ) to provide Certification Courses in the field of Database Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Programming languages.

List of free courses are given below:


Database Foundations

90 Hours


Database Design and Programming with SQL

180 Hours


Programming with PL/SQL

180 Hours


Oracle Application Express (APEX) Development Foundations

90 Hours


Java Fundamentals

90 Hours


Java Foundations

90 Hours


Java Programming

90 Hours


Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning in Java

40 Hours


Java Workshops

  1. Getting Started with Java Using Alice
  2. Creating Java Programs with Greenfoot
  3. Programming the Finch Robot in Greenfoot
  4. Programming the Finch Robot in Java

  • 8 Hours
  • 16 Hours
  • 8 Hours
  • 8 Hours


Database Workshop: Solve It with SQL

8 Hours

For details of courses visit the following Oracle website link:

The departments of Computer Engineering, Information Technology and MCA come together to enable you to complete the course in a smooth manner. For all the support and assistance, the organizing team set up followed by the Patron is as follow


  • Dr. Mrs. J M Nair, Principal VESIT
  • Dr. Mrs. M .Vijaylakhshmi, Vice Principal, VESIT

Departmental Oracle Certification Convenors:-

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Shalu Chopra
  • Dr. (Mrs.) Nupur Giri
  • Dr. (Mr.) Shivkumar Goel

VESIT-Oracle Incharge :-

  • Dr. (Mrs.) Gresha S Bhatia, Oracle- VESIT Incharge
  • Mrs. Ruchi Rautela, Oracle Incharge

Departmental Coordinators:-

  • Mrs. Mannat Doultani CMPN
  • Mrs. Jayshree Hajgude INFT
  • Mrs. Monali Rajput MCA

Lab coordinators:-

  • Kalpana Zemse MCA
  • Komal Durgavale CMPN